Monday, September 8, 2008

A Beaver Family in Crisis...

Hey peoples. This week I had to board out a short sequence involving a family of beavers in crisis. Now after reading through the script it turns out that the beaver children are troubled by a lack of wood and rabies. That's pretty rough. But the first thing that sprung into my mind was to just draw a bunch of really disturbed beaver children. Here are some faves:

Now those were fun...but look at this little dude:

Soooo RAAADDD!!! His name has gotta be something cool like Thurston or Amedeo. Not really, his real name is Stephen or Brett but he long ago decided that was too "jockish" or he lies and tells all the other kids in junior high that Stephen or Brett is his middle name or something.

He spends all his time learning Lou Reed and Pixies song on his rad little Beaver sized Fender Telecaster. He only listens to vinyl and although he's never too excited he's not afraid to smile and isn't one of those pains-in-the-ass who cross their arms and sneer during all the local rawk shows.

His tail piercing is about six days old but he pretends he's had it since birth. It itches like hell but he promised himself he wasn't gonna touch it even once at school. It took him hours to make his Chucks look dirty and messed up enough to wear 'em around the cool kids. When he lights up a cigarette he usually keeps it pretty far from his face and only takes a drag when a girl is looking. He doesn't inhale.

Hmmm...this is pretty good. I should draw this.

I'm gonna draw this.

Whatdya guys think about the glasses? I think they are cool and make him look like he's familiar with The Talking Heads....that's a good thing.