Sunday, May 11, 2008

Henri needs to get into shape...for the drinkin' contest!

I have a feeling he's gonna do juuuuuuust fine. Look at how he's sucking in his gut while running in the nude. Clearly, he is all that is man!! On a side note, my mother demanded today that I draw some Tigers. So look for that coming up soon. Hope all you cool kids did the right thing and called your mommas today.

Oh, special bonus! The first little doodle I ever did of Henri. This was back before I had any idea that his name was Henri, that he was in fact French or that I'd be drawing him constantly. He began as just a little notion of a character who loved games and puzzles and always found a reason to be pretty darn pleased with himself.

1 comment:

Sean Streeter said...

you've got some nice shape invention going on here, sucka