Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ian Yonika...

So we all love those post-it notes sketches in the work place, right? But what do ya do when you don't have any handy but you really really need to caricature one of your dear co-workers. That's right loose leaf notebook paper!!

This is Ian Yonika, one of the super talented animators I work with and another Ringling grad. He's the first guy I go to when I need crits and just a huge inspiration every time I look over and see what he's makin' dance on the screen. Ian used to worry a lot about the world's problems and that's kinda what I was goin' for here. Nowadays, he is much more laid back and care free. Which makes me happy.

While we're at it, I can also vouch for this man's Dodgeball skills.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Haha! I like to think this is exactly what you saw everytime you looked over, about to ask for feedback. As he didnt even realize you drawing him.

Funny stuff man! You should go around the room, might get you in some good trouble!

Bobby Pontillas said...

oh and thanks for the linky poo!

Matt said...

Just so long as he doesn't look that way after viewing my animation.

No,no! Thank you for the...the..linky-diddle?

joana vieira said...

hey! thanks for the comment.
I really like your work too, you've got such an expressive line in your drawings.
Hope to see more soon.

Yusun said...

too funny, Matt!
I found your friend Bobby on Animation Mentor. whoohoooo
how the hell have you been? I sometimes hear about your news from Ian but not so much, since.. well we don't talk too much.
I might visit Ian sometime soon. Let's hang out!


Abz said...

Haha, this is fun..I know exactly what you mean when you just wanna capture someone on paper- you'll use anything. Great blog... check mine out bro, id like to get some of ur comments...


p.s, what animation company do you work for?

violeta13 said...

beautiful blog that you have here!
got here through joana vieira's blog

a hug